Wooden Decking

Still by far our most popular product, timber decking is the mainstay of all modern gardens; giving a space to be used all year long.

Whether it be a simple rectangular deck all on one level, or a complex multi-level deck with intricate angles and fine detail, we’ve designed and installed it all!

Decks can be upgraded with a range of accessories – including rope or timber railings and glass panels – giving height to your garden and securing the area, should it be required.

We can also help with getting power and lighting to your new deck for outdoor speakers or something special in the evening to light the way.

Hot Tub Decks

Becoming ever-more popular are decks built especially for hot tubs and spas.

We build these decks with reinforced areas to support the additional weight of the hot tub, the water it is filled with and the people who will use it.

Care is taken at every step to ensure the decking area is perfect for your new hot tub investment and we can even build some bespoke additions, such as steps or perimeter bars to finish the area off nicely!