Wooden Fencing

Aesthetics and security go hand-in-hand in any of our fencing installations. From small half-height fences to full 1.8m tall boundary fences, we construct everything in between.

All fences are secured with 3″x3″ or 4″x4″ posts, dug into the ground and made solid with post-crete for extra stability.

We offer single-sided, double-sided, open- or closed-boarded designs and can even add that special touch with scalloped edges or picket-style boards.

Wooden Gates

When we’ve erected a fence, you’ll most probably still want to have access to the secured area from outside.

We create matching gates to suit any size – single or double-door – and built to last.

Our ironmongery can range from simple hinges and latch to full dead-bolt and double-locking facilities, should they be required.